• Build Business on Value-Added Relationships

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  • Make Every Conversation a Value-Added Conversation

    with Prospects, Clients, Industry Partners and Employees

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  • Increase Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Retention

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  • Align Value, Mission, Strategy and Execution

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  • Increase Employee Satisfaction, Loyalty and Performance

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Changing the Way You Do Business

Emergent Business works with businesses that require significant shifts in their approach to sales, account management and customer service in order to compete successfully. 

With our emphases on value creation, proactive client outreach, and service-driven styles of staff leadership we have been instrumental in helping businesses establish or regain industry leadership, re-introduce the unique value of their core products and services, successfully launch new products and services, and develop mutually beneficial partnerships that overcome the negative effects of increasing competition, commodity pricing, and inability to differentiate that too often equate value with the lowest price. 

Establishing a Value-Added Culture

At Emergent Business, we work with you to identify the unique value-added benefits that provide you with maximum competitive leverage. We organize that value into compelling arguments that enable prospects, clients and channel partners to connect logically and emotionally with the personal, professional and financial benefits associated with the unique value that your business provides.

We design and implement innovative resources and execution strategies that make your sales people, account managers and customer service personnel more intentional and effective with respect to their roles and responsibilities.

We coach them in skillful guided discovery that empowers them to accurately identify what is most important to prospects, clients and partners; to uncover the underlying motivations that influence their decisions, to recognize existing and emerging areas of need, and to coherently articulate the unique value-added benefits that satisfy those needs.