Create a Value-Added Identity

At Emergent Business we work with you to identify the unique value-added benefits that distinctly separate you from your competition and provide you with maximum competitive leverage.

We organize that value into compelling narratives that enable prospects, clients and strategic industry partners to connect logically, emotionally and financially with the personal and professional benefits associated with the unique value that your business provides.

We employ a skillful approach to motivation-based inquiry that enables your staff to accurately identify what is most important to the prospects, clients and industry partners they engage everyday – to identify all decision makers, to uncover the underlying motivations that influence their decisions, to recognize existing and emerging areas of need, and to assess your unique ability to satisfy those needs.

We coach your staff to confidently and coherently articulate responses that make clear the depth of your understanding, industry expertise, and ability to deliver unique value-added solutions that not only meet those needs, but frequently surpass expectations.

In support of this effort, we design and implement a results-driven client acquisition and retention strategy that makes it easy for your sales executives, account managers, and customer service staff to execute our approach, experience success, and become more effective in their roles.

Establish a Value-Added Culture

The Value Creation Framework is a fully integrated approach that is designed to unify executive, management, and staff-level skills across all business development functions. 

We implement value creation as a collaborative team effort that requires the active participation of all stakeholders involved in the cultivation, acquisition and retention of clients; especially those responsible for sales, account management, customer service, sales operations and marketing communications.

In our framework, implementation is designed to eliminate the fragmentation, inefficiency and low rates on return that are often associated with isolated training and consulting programs that are title, role and department specific. 

To that end, we deliver a unified team of professionals that execute a common process of aligned objectives, shared best practices, and strategic skills that advance competence, elevate performance and generate profitable business growth.

Integrate Mission, Value, Strategy and Execution

Our shared goal as service provider and client should be the complete integration of mission, value, strategy and execution across the depth and breadth of your organization.

We have seen companies make significant investments in money, time, and energy that focus squarely on mission and ignore the value-added strategies and methods of execution that are necessary for realizing mission and fueling growth. Conversely, we have seen businesses overemphasize execution and fail because of their indifference to the grounding influence of mission and the implementation of value-added strategies that maximize competitive leverage and deliver growth.

In contrast, Emergent Business clients benefit from an integrated framework that connects the overarching disposition of mission with practical results-driven responsibilities and tasks that are essential for producing and sustaining profitable growth.

All Emergent Business consulting and coaching services are designed to achieve this level of cultural continuity.

Featured Resource

Serving, Selling and Leading:
​An Integrated Approach for Creating Value-Added Cultures


“Joe Merlino is a true sales professional. Joe worked with my team of account executives and managers. He assessed their skill levels, determined specific areas for improvement, and delivered strong strategies for acquiring and retaining targeted business. Joe’s work with us was specific to our areas of need. The key was his ability to identify the unique value propositions associated with our health plan, and to apply that value in real world situations that delivered positive results. His time with us was enjoyable, valuable and worth the investment.”
​– Doug Gullino Vice President of Sales and Service, Lovelace Health Plan

"The process of becoming prominent. That which is above, ​ ​such as a forest tree that stands taller than the trees around it.”

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