Client-Specific Growth Strategies

​We recognize that any attempt to shift company culture, develop new skills, improve process, or introduce new practices is essentially an exercise in change management that will be met with varying degrees of resistance from your staff.

We also recognize that legitimate differences exist in experience, skill and motivation. To address these realities we employ an active client engagement and adoption strategy that seeks to identify and connect your staff’s motivation and desire for change with the practical benefits associated with the consulting and coaching services we provide. Our process is executed in three fundamental phases.

Strategic Assessment & Process Improvement

Our strategic assessment is the consulting phase of our work and the foundation on which every client engagement is built. It’s value lies in our ability to gain an in-depth understanding of the unique character of your business.

As a prospect, assessment begins the minute we begin speaking with you about your business – the goals you are trying to achieve, the challenges that are inhibiting your efforts, and what is required to ensure a successful outcome. As our client, discovery transitions into a formal series of executive, management and staff-level conversations that allow us to evaluate staff competency and skill, as well as the effectiveness of the process, practices, systems and resources that are meant to support them. Conversations also provide a platform from which we identify staff motivation, satisfaction, trends and the positive implications of working together. 

By design, the strategic assessment clarifies assumptions, prioritizes areas of need, and establishes an accurate baseline from which an effective client-specific skill development and process improvement strategy can take place.

Resource & Process Design

As an Emergent Business client you will benefit from custom resources that are designed to address the deficiencies in process, practices, and skills identified in the strategic assessment.

Primary areas of focus include value identification, narrative development, skillful guided discovery, and motivation-based methods of inquiry. You can expect refinements in key areas such as strategic planning, key performance objectives, strategic sales and account management, channel sales and partner development, customer service and satisfaction. You can also expect these modifications to be reflected in the digital tools, application interfaces, metrics and reporting that support these disciplines.  

Strategic Coaching & Performance Improvement

Strategic coaching is the logical consequence of our assessment and design phases. Coaching sessions are intended to build skill, improve competence, and allow your staff to experience the practical benefits of executing our framework.

​In our sessions you can expect to be introduced to new concepts, to engage in discussion, to role-play, and embrace new skills. All coaching sessions are results-driven and emphasize the application of newly learned skills in practical workplace situations where your staff will identify opportunities, engage those opportunities, discuss outcomes, and make real-time​ course corrections in order to achieve successful outcomes. Team sessions are intentionally limited to ten participants in order to maximize staff participation and comprehension, while the participation of your executive and management team ensures the solidarity of staff objectives, process, practices and skills among senior and staff level personnel.

We know from experience that individual successes that lead to greater understanding, lead to increasing levels of enthusiasm, competence and success in and among employees.

Featured Resource

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“As Managing Principal for the New Mexico operation of a national financial planning company, I engaged Joe Merlino’s services to assist with training for financial advisors. Joe met with me several times over a number of weeks with a goal of fully understanding our products and processes. I found Joe to be an expert in training methods as well as the competencies I needed him to work with, which included personal marketing and values based selling. In spite of this expertise, he made significant effort to successfully understand the specifics of our company’s approach. Although the program he designed was initially intended for newly hired trainees, we found the program to be significantly beneficial to senior members of our operation.”
– John Ramos, Managing Partner, Waddell and Reed Financial Advisors

“My team of partners and senior managers worked with Joe to develop effective business development skills. Joe not only took the time to understand my goals as managing partner, but also the individual goals and needs of each member of the group. Realizing the personalities and professional disposition of our group as accounting professionals, Joe tailored his use of terminology, method of delivery and application directly to our industry and client base. Joe took the time to review our current processes, systems and training programs so that we would benefit by fully integrating his approach with our existing company policy and practice, and in some cases making our prior practicing easier and more productive.”
– Kim Nunley, Managing Partner, Grant Thornton CPAs

"A framework for the implementation of systemic change. ​A self-stabilizing predictable system.”

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